Proudly sponsored by Cavendish Dog Food

Katy and Tara, founders of Spirit’s Community, are also the owners of Cavendish Dogs Limited. With their company philosophy, you will see immediatly why the two organisations are such a goof fit for each other.

In their words:

Our passion is to bring to the market the best quality dog food combined with the best customer care.

Our desire is for all dogs to receive a bowl full of love at every meal

Our aspiration is to bring joy to mealtimes for you the owner and your pack

Our ambition is for our love and passion for dogs to be felt around the world 

Our motivation is to reach out to those dogs, whose owners might be experiencing hardship

Cavendish Dogs provides the very best recipes with fresh ingredients, which are cooked at low temperatures (to perserve the nutritional value). Recipes from their Original, Classic and Super Food ranges can all be purchased in  Spirit’s shop.