Our Philosophy

Our passion is to feed dogs.

Our philosophy at Spirit’s Community is very simple – we want UK foodbanks and soup kitchens to have good quality dog food so the dogs who support those who are suffering such hardship are able to be fed. Dogs are the most loyal of companions, showing steadfastness, faithfulness, and so we believe they all deserve feeding. We offer you the opportunity to purchase the finest dog food, treats & accessories, and in return we pledge that 100% of our profit will go to purchasing dog food for banks. 

Food banks in the U.K.
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Households own dogs
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People live below the poverty line

Our desire is for all dogs to receive a bowl full of love.

We want to offer a range of dog-related accessories, experiences, treats and dog foods that you can purchase for you and your dogs. Because all we want to do is feed as many dogs as possible. 

Quality Dog Food

We've partnered with Cavendish Dogs to provide the very best quality dog food.

Healthy Pets

Our range of beneficial treats designed to promote different areas of health for your faithful friend.

Support Owners

Whether that's supporting you and your dog, or those less fortunate, we want to support all dog owners across the U.K.

Feel Good Feeling

By spending money with Spirit's Community, you can take pride in the knowledge that you're helping others.

Our Aspiration Is That No Dog & Owner Are Separated Through Lack Of Food.

We know owners are struggling to feed their families. We want to help keep dogs out of rescue centres and in their loving homes.

Our Ambition Is to reach out to those dogs, whose owners might be experiencing hardship.

We are starting with our home town in Derbyshire, United Kingdom, and know that we can make this national. If you know a local foodbank that would greatly benefit from dog food then please let us know!

Our Motivation Is Love and Honouring The Relationship Between the dog and its owner.

We want to help as many dog owners as possible. Shop purchases, donations of all sizes, or even sharing our website on social media, help us achieve this goal. 


“An owners’ best friend friend is faithful, stays by their side, knows not of the hardship, just of the unconditional love.”